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osmanlı pazarları

He wiped the sweat that accumulated on his forehead with the back of his hand. It was quite difficult. It was only 6 a.m., but the summer sun was starting to burn like noon. He hardly brought the bigger donkey machete (saddle as we know it) to Soku. (Soku: It is the place where there is a large stone on its head and the donkey is tied to breathe and hit the saddle). He took the plank on the stone and took his breath on the stone himself. Now they were in line with Nazlı. He was only 8-9 years old and there was quite a difference in height between him and Nazlı. He could only close the difference by climbing on the stone. Putting the Palan on Nazlı’s back was the hardest thing. That’s why he never wanted to take it off, but he would never let the donkey Nazlı sleep with a machete.

story of a donkey

He grasped the chain of the donkey and pulled it towards him. Nazli was starting to stubborn again. It was hung on the chain faster. He would almost roll the little Omar down over the stone. Ömer would never break his donkey and would not be willing to stay with his plan for 2 hours, he would collect grass and feed Nazlı, but he never gave up his stubbornness in this saddle tying business and took out all the difficulties he could. However, there was a detail. He would only do this stubbornness to Ömer. Ömer would not even take the stick in his hand because he would feel sorry to see him hit Nazlı with a stick, but his grandfather and grandmother were not. He would eat the stick on his buttocks in the slightest stubbornness. Therefore, as soon as he saw them coming with a saddle in their hands, he approached the edge of the stone and would slightly break their hind legs so that they would not have any difficulty while putting the saddle. He didn’t care. In a sense, he was dealing with Ömer, as if confirming his grandfather’s “Moments from Beating a Donkey”.

In this case, of course, Omer had to get help. It wouldn’t be like that, said Omer.

Motttheerrrrr (Ömer was raised by her grandmother and she called her mother) “Say something to Nazlı,” she still insists. I almost fell. ” A ringing voice is heard in the ears of Nazlı, her mother, who is making bread at the beginning of the tandoor. ”If I come, I will break that stick…. It was enough to shout “tussle boy”. He was seventy again. Hearing her grandmother’s voice, Nazlı was almost pale and breathed at the bottom of the stone. Even if the cuckoo were fake with his beautiful eyes looking a little fearful, forced love for Ömer gave him a somewhat confused glance. “Okay, I joked, you complain right away,” his eyes were saying. Nazli was a really smart donkey. He knew very well how to treat whom. This donkey story is one of them.

When Nazlı heard her mother’s voice, Ömer almost stuck to the stone and easily put the pawn on Nazlı. Now it was time to hit the girth. He threw it over the scimitar, the end of the cola with a wooden ring. It had to land because it could only get under the donkey and take the tip it threw. Finally, he managed to join the two ends of the girth and made it ready to tighten by passing it through the ring. Here came the most dangerous and the moment when Nazlı almost hated and darkened her eyes. He hated the cola squeezing his stomach. How many times he tried to bite Ömer while doing this, but since he was always prepared for this, he avoided all his attacks except the first incident thanks to his reflexes. Nazlı’s hostile behavior started to annoy Ömer even more. That’s why he never left his job to chance.

“Mootheeerrrrrrr. I will shoot the girth ”and the threatening voice of Nazl was heard coming out of her mother’s teeth, almost coming from her throat. It was enough for him to say “Naaaazzzzzllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiii”. Just like a tiger watching its prey, the eyes looking sideways at Omer now turned to the other side as if nothing was going to happen with its head. It is not known what he was saying, but the situation of the donkey; it was like someone with a gas leak, whistling so the people around would not understand, pretending nothing had happened. He laughs out loud about this state of Ömer Nazlı and he was literally digging the meaning of “Faithless Revenue over the Atheist” in his mind.

In the end, the job of pulling the saddle and the girth was over. Omar jumped down the stone with pleasure. Now it was time to throw away the saddlebag. He threw the saddlebag, which his mother had just woven, on the donkey. Everything was ready to go to the market. Ömer was making money by making a donkey in the market. He was contributing to the family budget and he was only 9 years old. As a final process, he put the water he brought in a small canister into his saddlebag. Nazlı had a little bit of pleasure in her. She had forgotten what had just happened, she was ready to go to the market like a fancy bride. The riot of colors in the hand-woven majesty added a different air to Nazli. I think he would be the favorite donkey of Tuesday Market and would attract the attention of anyone who wanted to carry their cargo. He should have taken the heart of Ömer Nazlı. He was very teasing him today to his mother. But the room was obliged to do this dear. Still, a peace deal was required. He immediately ran to the tandoor. She took some of the burnt hot bread that her mother dropped into the tandoor while cooking and set aside to give to the chickens and came to Nazlı.

He had already smelled the scented bread. His beautiful eyes were laughing. He loved to eat hot bread. He was hanging on the chain to eat as soon as possible. Ömer handed the bread to Nazlı. After sniffing for a couple of times, he put the bread into his stomach with his big lips, almost Ömer’s tiny little hands. The deal is complete. She glanced at Nazlı Ömer. This is “Ok I forgive. “Let’s go over me” was his gaze. But Omer had another job to do. He had to feed himself. It happened to the tandoor. He rubbed the butter, which was black from the burns of the bread, on the hot bread. The steam of the bread mixed with the smell of butter. With her hands burning from the heat of the bread, she reached for the cheese bowl with a blow. The volunteer cube cheese from Tulum cheese poured into the bread. The wrap was ready. I bought your tea, the most delicious breakfast in the world was ready. In the later years of his life, Ömer could not find that flavor again. Because neither his mother nor his stubborn Nazlı added flavor to that flavor.Ömer’s Donkey Adventures will continue. To continue….


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