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Gerçek Cinayetler

True Murders

Engineer Kerem and Miner Cevahir Usta

They stopped in front of a large mine pit. The bad roads were very tired, even with the vehicle, his two friends. For a long time, they wandered around the old mine site, unfortunately, they did not like hundreds of pits and stopped in front of the old mine pit of 15-20 meters on the side of the road.

“Brother! This place is good.” Kerem said. Kerem was a young mining engineer trying to find a job for himself. He was touring old chrome mines, taking samples and trying to discover ore. Certainly one day he would find a good gem, but he had no idea when that day would come. Cevahir also confirmed it. “Said OK. “Let’s take the example from here. This is the deepest hole, I guess. ” Cevahir master was a mine master who did not lick ink but grew from the core. Elazig ‘s Mining District was born in Turkey and grew up working in the quarries had been retired in many regions. Now the room was on a prospect mine hunt with Kerem.

Our hope to think that one day everything will be better, today it is our mistake to think that everything is fine. Voltaire

Hope sometimes ends in unexpected moments. It was one of them today. Cevahir was busy preparing his rope, unaware of what would become a master.

Mehmet and Beyza

The house smelled like fries. Despite it being the weekend, Beyza got up early. He called out to Mehmet. “Come on, dear. Breakfast is ready.” Mehmet was already awake. From his bedroom facing the kitchen, he watched his beautiful wife rush to an oven to a stove. Their house was very small. All the rooms opened onto the hall. However, Mehmet could not afford it. There wasn’t even a planted tree in the world. He used to work daily and take his bread out of stone. He didn’t really care about anything before he got married. He never thought of himself. If he could, he would be grateful if he couldn’t find a place. But now the situation was different. They married Beyza fondly for each other. However, he himself could not understand how this happened. For the first time in his life, he had come across a business, and married a girl like Beyza who was clean-hearted, as beautiful, and literally hundreds of suitors. Everything happened suddenly. He never dared, but Beyza had run away. He was all alone in the huge world. He had no one. He didn’t even remember how he had grown. His 30-year life was spent working for a bite of bread in pain. What would they do, where would they go? He was thinking of Beyza, not himself. He had 100 lira in his pocket. They could neither go to a hotel nor eat. He didn’t know what to say and what to do. For a moment he was saying that I cannot take care of you, go back to your father’s house. But for the first time in his life, he didn’t want to lose this good-hearted girl who took himself seriously. Couldn’t do without it.

Beyza was a smart girl. He was aware of the situation. She was the only daughter of a wealthy family. He had run away, but of course he hadn’t come empty-handed. He took his gold, bracelets, all his valuable belongings with him and put 5000 lira in his bag. His family did not give it to Mehmet. The last time his father cut him off saying that I have no daughter to give to that drunkard. What happened in the end, Beyza had run away and came. They hurriedly got on the minibus and headed for the city center. They had hardly thrown themselves into a hotel. This hotel would be the beginning of a brand new life for them.

Mehmet and his mother

“I’m sick of it!” he was screaming at the top of his lungs. “I’m tired of it, my husband takes the most beautiful clothes for his wife, feeds them with oil and honey, and I feel dear to make bread too. How are you a husband, no way, husband like you! ” he was yelling loudly. Yes, it was the period of famous Turkish movies. Aysel was one of the women who thought that the glamorous lives she watched on TV were real. In Hoş Aysel, physically, he was not behind the leading actresses in Turkish movies. He always wanted to be an artist. It could have been if life had some honest people in front of him. But those dreams in Turkey, especially a 70 ‘man wanted to be an actress in the year many women were buried alive in graves. Her husband was an honest civil servant working in the municipality. He was a poor man in his ablution prayer, who went home from work to work. They used to live on a scarce opinion, as they had no income other than civil servants. He calmly listened to Aysel’s shouts, opened his mouth and didn’t say a word. One day he always had a fear of going away. He was in love with Aysel, although he could not show it very well.

Mehmet was only 6 years old. He loved village life very much. Their house had a large courtyard and 2 acres of field in it. When his father came home, in order not to hear his mother’s shouts, he would go to the far end of the field, enter the pit he dug there, and wait for his mother to be tired and quiet. He was very angry at his mother for yelling at his father. With the mind of the child, when his father came, he even thought of burying him in the pit he dug to keep him quiet.

Unaware that his mother’s life will one day come and end at the beginning of another hole …

Aysel had been going to the neighbor for a day or two. Even though Mehmet was sometimes a girl, he looked admiringly at his mother’s green eyes and caressed his blond hair if he had the opportunity He loved his mother very much.

While he was sitting by the window, where he was always sitting, he saw that he was coming home with running steps. You know, he was happy and hungry. Usually, when he came home, he would go directly to the kitchen and prepare food for his son. But that day he came and sat next to him. She caressed her hair with her hand. Another was looking at his son. “Mehmet,” he said. “Do you want your mom to be an artist? Do you want to see me on TV? ” said. “No!” Mehmet shouted. The woman did not expect such a reaction. He was angry. Getting approval for the job he had decided to do with the child would have been a bit of relief, but it was not what he had hoped. “Why is that?” he asked, “why don’t you want it?” Mehmet’s answer was simple. “My father will be upset if other men touch you.” said. “Let go of that slimy!” He said and stood up beside him. He made his way straight to the bedroom. Mehmet did not want anything from his mother. He was starving but could not want to eat. She saw her mother working feverishly in her bedroom, but she could not understand what was happening.

Like every morning, the boy sat by the window and watched outside. There was only one difference. The rain was drizzling. Raindrops hitting the glass were almost dispersing sadness around him. The covered air filled with gloom in the sunless house. He started with his mother’s voice. “Come on, breakfast is ready.” Today she was a very happy woman. He thought he would never shout at my father. His father left the house at the same time as usual. Little Mehmet, who loved the rain very much, took his breath by the window again. He was trying to count the raindrops hitting the glass while struggling to wipe the fogged glass with his hand. He was so immersed that he didn’t even notice that his mother was passing by with his suitcase in hand. The glass was fogged up again. He wiped the glass with the sleeve of his sweater. He saw the man that he would never forget until he died, and the Anadol brand car in red, which shines like the sun. The man was rubbing his disgusting mustache with his hand against the open window of the car, and playing with the buttons of his shirt open to his chest with the other hand. Suddenly he opened the car door and got out. At that moment, Mehmet experienced the second shock. Her mother was running towards the garden gate as if flying off her feet. After the foggy windows and raindrops, her mother’s hair, almost touching her heels, waved before her eyes like a crop field. When he came right in front of the door, he looked towards the window. They met with his son. Tears had already begun to shed, no different from the raindrops hitting the glass from Mehmet’s eyes. He understood that his mother was gone. His father always said he would leave them one day. However, Mehmet could not fully understand what abandonment was. Until he meets his mother through the foggy glass. He would never forget that moment again. The glass was fogged up again, unable to see her mother, she wiped it quickly with her arm, but the mist was still not gone. Because the tears coming from his eyes, not from the mist, prevented him from seeing. He rubbed his eyes with dignity. His mother was already in the car. He had chosen to go with that guy with a disgusting smile. He could not say a single word. The words were stuck in his throat. Mom, don’t go, that man could say bad. However, nobody heard of him. Going it going. He would never see or touch his mother’s blonde hair again. His mother was gone, but he left Mehmet with a stamp that would not leave him all his life. Child of artist Aysel …

Moments of horror

Cevahir, with complete skill, tied the thick rope in his hand to the tree next to the pit. When he bent down and looked down from the pit, he noticed that there was a fork-shaped object at the base, but he did not care much because it was twigs. The rope hit the walls of the pit and reached inside. Cevahir was old, but his strength was strong. He was the best he could examine mine pits. So he behaved on the rope and thrust himself into the void. He did not neglect to examine the layers of walls as he slid down. Kerem was excitedly watching it descend in a suitable place in the pit. Cevahir master was doing his usual job, but this time he sensed something strange. The environment was in a strange silence that he could not know or understand. Half of the hole, his hands were hurt by the rope. He leaned both feet against the walls and took his hands to nothing. Meanwhile, he stooped and looked down. He felt a cold wind hit his face as he looked. When he looked from above, he saw that what he saw was not a tree branch. However, he could not understand what this thing was, some of which were covered with earth. His curiosity had increased. He stopped littering with the mines in the wall and let himself down with one breath. His curiosity and fear grew as he approached the floor. Because he started to make sense of what he saw. As he descended to the floor, he realized that this object was an object resembling a human leg. He wondered if they could find a place to throw this mannequin. He was a little relieved. The model said this. But as she got rid of the rope and turned her back, she saw the female skull detached from her body. With the sight of “Alllaaaahhhhh!” his shout had become one.

He threw himself back with dignity. His head hit the wall. He was stunned for a moment and had to collapse. He had hit his head hard. He tried to keep his cool. He looked at the skull again. Yes, that was a female skull. His skin and hair were still on him. His face was partially visible. It had dried up in his eyes but had not decayed completely. It was as if he was looking at him. For a moment his eyes shifted to the marks on the wall. My God! Bloody fingernails were all around. These were human corpses and it was obvious that they did not die right away, as if they were trying to come out with their nails. He focused on what he saw above. He realized that this was a human leg. He crouched down and pointed the lantern at the recess. There was a second skull, but it was not fully separated from its body. He was horrified. He didn’t know what to do. Watching him from above, Kerem constantly said, “What happened? What is the situation?” he was shouting, but Cevahir Master did not even hear him. He read a prayer immediately. The other skull belonged to a man. His legs were covered with soil. Upon further examination, he realized that the woman’s body was also under the ground. Both had not rotted but became soapy from dampness and dampness. The man’s skull was more prominent. She still wanted what she saw inside to be a model. But when he looked more closely, he saw the Nokia 3310 cell phone in a holster on the man’s waist. He was more startled. He was sure now. These were two corpses of a woman and a man. He had to make a sudden decision. He grasped the rope with his dear life. He pulled so fast that the tree to which the rope was tied would bend and break. Kerem held the rope from above. Cevahir master was trying to climb, on the other hand, he was telling him to hang on the rope and pull himself up. He should have left at once. He turned his head and looked at the skull again. It was as if they had made eye contact. The woman was saying don’t go, take me with me. The distances did not end. He was coming over the walls as if someone was pulling the rope from below. Blood was sweaty. He barely threw himself out. Kerem was afraid of his condition. He was trying to understand what was happening. Gasping “let’s go, untie the rope from here.” he could say. Kerem immediately untied the rope. He pulled it away. On the other hand, he was asking what was happening, but could not take the man’s pitiful and frightened state. He was speechless. He could say I will tell in the car. Cevahir took the wheel himself. He wanted to run away as soon as possible. He ruthlessly drove his vehicle, which he avoided from the stone while he was coming. They returned from the way they came in 3 hours and 1 hour. During the trip, he told Kerem what had happened, but he did not say he was sure. He said there is a possibility to be a model. He hoped it would. They made a decision. They wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Cevahir said. Kerem was an inexperienced immature child. Whatever he said he said okay.

They did not know how they returned to Denizli. Cevahir Usta said he would return to his hometown. Although Kerem insisted that he rest for a day or two, he refused. His psychology was overwhelmed and his fear was growing. He wanted to go farther and farther at once. They bought tickets for the 15.00 bus from the bus station. There were 2 hours. The miners decided to go to their coffee. When they sat down at the table, all they had in mind were corpses. Kerem continued, “Brother, tell me this job from the beginning.” They sang tea. Cevahir was telling about his experiences, starting with the fork-shaped object he saw on the floor before he went down to the pit. Kerem was very careful, Cevahir was listening to the master, Cevahir was reliving those moments while he was telling.

They didn’t even realize that Necmi was sitting at the table next to them. This state of them caught the attention of Necmi. He would come to this coffee shop to look for work. He used to work in mining but was unemployed these days. He had no money left in his pocket. Seeing them talking hotly, he decided to sit down at the table next to them and eavesdrop. He knew both of them. Even if they had not met in person, they would greet them. He had heard that they were looking for mines. “They seem to have found a good vein of mineral since they talked so passionately,” he murmured. They hadn’t noticed him, he was aware of it. He listened well to their speech …

What he heard in ten minutes was enough to shock Necmi. A fear fell into him when he said the mine pit, mannequin, corpse, woman, man, skull, old mine. He got up softly from the table. he was afraid that they would notice him.

Cevahir had already taken the bus and made his way to the country. He would come back, but he didn’t know when he would be back.

Necmi came home empty-handed that day. Things were cut like a knife. He was tired, but what he heard in coffee today was gnawing at his brain. The men said that they had found human bodies in the old mine pit they had entered for sampling, but it was obvious that they had no intention of going to police or a gendarme. Necmi was eating inside. He should have done something, but who would believe him. Moreover, if the things they saw came out as models, it would be disgraceful to me, the miners would not even give him a job again. Thinking about these, he lay down on his single bed …

Who Was The Woman In Dreams?

A weak hand touches your chest, get up! get up! he was calling out. Between astonishment and fear, he straightened out of bed. A middle-aged woman like a movie star stands on the edge of her bed. “Get up! I am that woman ”he was shouting. “Which woman, who are you?” he could say. “I am that woman. She’s the woman the miners are talking to. They left without me. You save me, get up! ” he was saying. He could not understand whether he was dreaming or real. A woman was standing in front of her, saying that she was the woman whose miner friends found the body in the cafe today. I wonder if going to coffee was also in this dream? Was it all a dream? He thought so. He put his head back on the bed. But woman get up again! get up! he was calling out. “I am that woman. Save me. Call the police station commander sergeant major. He would find me ”. The last they heard was like a shock. He woke up with sweat and blood. Yes, he had a dream, but what he saw did not go out of his sight. The woman kept saying, “Get up! I am that woman! They left me. You save me Call the police station commander sergeant major. He would find me ”. The voice of the woman was not coming from her head. He shook his head left and right. It was a dream, but what they heard in coffee was real. This was that woman. What should he do? He first thought that the miners who found the woman should be reached, but how would he do it at night. Neither of them had phones. The police station commander shouted out suddenly, sergeant major. Yeah! The woman gave the point address. “Police station commander, sergeant major”

He knew very well the old mine and the county that the miners were talking about. He was gone several times. He was supposed to reach the gendarmerie command, but how would he get his number. It had no internet. It had not yet been invented in smartphones. He had a friend he knew and called him. It was one o’clock at night, but his friend was not sleeping. He was dozing in front of the computer until the morning when he just got the Internet. Urgently ……. He asked him to find the phone number of the District Gendarme. His friend soon called, saying he had found the number. He barely wrote the number in a finished pen on a napkin he barely found. As soon as he closed his friend, his hands were shaking and he pressed the keys of his phone. 0 23 ……. !!!

What does Will happen In This Gendarmerie?

After a busy and difficult day, he could only come home at 23.30 at night. He couldn’t eat anything during the day. He had a snack. He sat down for a while. Meanwhile, it was close to one o’clock. He lay down on his bed to lie down. He thought that I hope there will be no incident and I will have a comfortable sleep. His eyes were on his cell phone. He said no matter what, he hung up his cell phone and fell into a deep sleep.

Not long after, he was startled by the voice of his domestic phone. “Damn!” he said to himself. They could not reach the mobile phone. They are calling from domestic. He forgot about him. What would have happened without it either? He was sitting in the lodging. Otherwise, the soldier was knocking on the door. There was no escape, the helpless reached the phone. He was the duty petty officer on the phone. He said that a person from the province of …… called him, said that they killed someone in his dream and that he was instructed to meet with the chief sergeant, the police station commander. The station commander, who was already pouring from his sleepy eyes, was trying hard not to swear. Still, he kept his calm. “You get the talk number, I’ll call in the morning,” he said and hung up the phone. However, five minutes later he rang again. But this time it was Necmi at the end of the phone. He had taken the extension number and connected directly. “I am listening to you.” said. Necmi apologized and started telling the events. Mine, pit, mannequin corpses, when he said dream, his head was broken. However, he was a police station commander who loved his profession. He was also skeptical. Throughout his career, he encountered many events that were considered impossible or impossible. Moreover, the name was mentioned in the event as a point. The police station commander is sergeant major.

“Okay,” he said to Necmi. He recorded his mobile number. He told him to follow his phone that he would call in the morning. This time he secured the job and unplugged the domestic line. He wanted to sleep now.

He had a good sleep. He hastily made his breakfast and went to the police station. He could not call Necmi on his cell phone. Because at that time there were no tariffs of 1500-2000 minutes in all directions. I don’t know how many cents a minute. He came to his room and called on the landline phone. Necmi had a hard time in the morning. He was waiting for his cell phone to ring, like a cat waiting for his prey. The alarm didn’t ring, he picked up the phone. The police station commander asked him to recount the incident from the beginning. Necmi explained everything in detail, from what he heard in the coffeehouse to the dream he saw. However, he needed concrete information. He had to reach people called Kerem and Cevahir in concrete information. Necmi would be very useful in this regard. He asked if he could reach Kerem. He said his first job was to find him or at least reach his cell phone. He had learned the location of the mine from Necmi but still could not go himself. It was a remote place he had never known. As soon as he hung up the phone, he called the headman. Muhtar knew the mine. He said we will arrive in 1.5-2 hours. My headman, you owe me food. “I’ll come at noon, we’ll eat,” he said with a smile. The headman had fallen into the trap of fraudsters two or three days ago and was barely stopped by the commander of the station while trying to deposit all the money in his hand into an ATM. He became so convinced and hypnotized that he tried to attack the police station commander who caught up at the last minute and took him out of the ATM. However, when he arrived at the police station 3 hours after the incident, he recovered. “Commander, what is it you call food? Come, I’ll slaughter a lamb for you… “

It was a nice day when there was no Coronavirus trouble. The headman had cut a large lamb and prepared a lavish table. They ate their meals together with the villagers. It was 15:00. They were quite late. The days in October were short. Come on, they say Allah and set off. While they were on the road, the phone rang. It was Necmi who was calling. He informed that Cevahir was returning to his hometown, Kerem went to a distant mine for samples, his phone did not receive it, he would stay for two or three days, but he sent a message to a friend who went to the same place and said that he should return immediately for this job. They were on the road once, he couldn’t go back. They were going on a very rough road, either hump or pit. The road was really bad. If he knew that would happen, he would have come earlier, but it happened. Since the headman was not aware of the condition of the road, they had taken the road, which he called 1.5-2 hours, in 3 hours. They stopped on the road in a wooded area. The headman said, “My commander, this is a mine, everywhere is a pit here.” “How so?” said the station commander, “how many pits are there?” He said there were more than 150-200 pits. It was getting dark. They got out of the vehicle. The truck seemed to have passed over them. He took his flashlight. He started wandering around. He glanced at a few ditches, but a feeling was not there, he said. Finally, the room turned and stopped at the head of a deep pit. He saw footprints for several days around. There was a tree next to it. When he inspected the trunk of the tree, he noticed the traces of the rope. He said ok this place. We found the place in one move. But the pit was very deep. As he held down the lantern in his hand, he noticed that there was something open in a V-shape. It hung down as close as it could. It was as if it wasn’t a branch, but he wasn’t sure what it was. However, the shape of the legs spread apart was vaguely felt. He was an experienced police station commander. His suspicions had increased, but it was certain that he was acting very imprudently. He had arrived without any precaution. There was nothing they could go down to the pit with them. It was impossible to get out as it was impossible to get off. He was very angry with himself. He was late. He came without measure. But there was nothing to do. He studied the bottom of the pit for a while. Meanwhile, it was getting dark. He had to go back. He would come back early tomorrow. He had put himself in legal trouble for no reason. Because he should not have left the scene. However, the weather stopped to rain and wolf sounds started to come around. They couldn’t wait here. They had to leave. As soon as he arrived in the district, he gave the necessary instructions from the evening and had everything prepared. It would be out early in the morning. At about 22.30, her phone rang. It was Kerem who called. He had reached Necmi Kerem somehow and made him call by giving his number. He immediately asked Kerem to explain the incident. After listening to everything, he understood that the real key person was Cevahir. He asked for his phone number, but Kerem said that he could not reach him because of the telephone receiver in the village. They texted. He would wait for the translator to call. He told Kerem to come to the police station at 07:00 in the morning and that they would go to the mine together. Kerem was hurt a little. But the station commander said, “Don’t get me mad. I’ll stuff you both in! ” he must have understood the seriousness of the incident upon yelling; okay I am there at 6 am …

Indeed, Kerem arrived at the police station at 06:00. The police station commander checked the preparations. He was going to call the prosecutor from the scene, after clarifying the incident. The exciting journey had begun. Kerem did not take the headman because he was with him. Already the mukhtar was pert after yesterday’s journey. He was not in a different situation either, but he had no choice but to go again. They came to the mine at around 11:00. Kerem was going to the pit he found last night. He had guessed right. He immediately ordered the soldiers to tie the rope to the tree. He would descend into the pit. He was impatient. It was like a force was pulling him there. The atom was like an ant. He was already nicknamed Atom Ant. The soldiers called themselves that. He searched around the pit for his first job. There was a large pile of soil on the north side of the pit. He saw 4-5 shotgun cartridges at a distance of 4-5 meters from this pile. He immediately told his soldiers to surround him with stones. The rope was ready. He took off his coat and let himself into the pit. Before long, he had found the floor. The sight he encountered as soon as he landed was truly terrible. These were real human corpses. The head of the woman was separated from her body. He grazed the soil with the small shovel he brought. Both of their bodies were intact, but they were saponified. So the moment it was touched, it was falling off. He could not touch the scene anymore. Crime scene investigation teams would come and do the necessary work. Yes, the long process had begun. He went up immediately. First, he informed the prosecutor about the incident. He informed the crime scene investigation and all relevant units. The road was too long. It would be quite late for the teams to arrive. He called the headman immediately. The headman told him to send someone who knew the region well. Because the crime scene might not have been in its area. If he stayed within the boundaries of the other district, he could get out of this incident. This was a very painful situation. However, neither staff nor facilities were sufficient. It would be very difficult to solve such an incident and find its perpetrators, and perhaps the perpetrator would remain unknown. It was sad but true. What should he do about this incident and ensure that other district teams take over? The men sent by the headman came, but there was still no news from the Crime Scene Investigation teams. Those who came said things to sprinkle water on their hearts. The right side of the road was within the borders of our left side and the other district. The road was the limit. The pit where the bodies were found was on the left. He immediately conveyed the situation to the prosecutor. He said that the region belongs to the other district and that they will intervene and the prosecutor of that district will be informed. He notified the situation to the other district teams with the prosecutor’s instructions. Yes, it was over. What would happen now and would follow the story of the corpses from afar. It was 16:00 for all teams to arrive. The prosecutor arrived at the scene only around 17:00. The investigation of the crime scene took two hours. It was getting very dark. Lighting was made by turning the lights of the vehicles to the area where the pit is. Now it was time for the bodies to be retrieved. But that didn’t seem easy at all. Because the corpses were shattered as soon as the hand touched them. They had to shred it into bags and fill it. The torso parts could be removed completely, but the legs were completely torn. Amidst all this turmoil, it was the Nokia 3310 mobile phone in a holster that was attached to the belt of the male corpse. He stood there as if he didn’t know anything about it. The completion of the work had reached 01:00 at night. Everyone was very tired. The prosecutor had kept it in the report at the scene, leaving no place not pictured. Finally, the order was given to return. Now the questions in mind were chasing each other. Just like FAQs. Who were they? Why were they in that pit? Did they commit suicide? Were they killed and thrown out? Blah blah blah blah blah her …

He could never remember having had such a good breakfast in his life. Mehmet was very happy. But he saw the real happiness in Beyza’s eyes. He thought to himself. Was this girl insane? Why did he want to marry a homeless, lonely, lonely man with no money? Sometimes he got angry with him. He thought his job was unreasonable. But just at that moment, Beyza’s voice was ringing in her ears. All these thoughts gave way to peace. However, there was a situation that should not have happened in his life. He was eating inside for days and did not know what to do.

His mother, whom he had not heard of for 30 years, called his cell phone. As soon as the caller saw the foreign number, a weight fell on his heart. He didn’t want to open it. But the number kept calling persistently. The voice before him was the voice of his mother, whom he will never forget, etched in his memory. It was as if boiling water had been poured over his head. “Son!” said the woman. “Are you?” He swallowed and could not answer. He was mad with anger. The woman understood the situation. He continued to speak. “I heard you got married. best wishes.” said. Mehmet seemed crazy. “I got married, damn woman! What’s that for you? ” she shouted at the woman who would be her mother. “What does my son deserve…” “Speaking is mean, dishonest, bitch!” he shouted again. It was as if his eyes were going to pop out. It was the first time he heard his mother’s voice after 30 years. The woman who ran away from her house with the dream of becoming an artist became a prostitute in the hands of an immoral man. Life had hit him so hard that he was so deeply in the ground that he never got out of there again. However, Mehmet did not even care. Mehmet was hurt by his father’s melt away in front of his eyes. The man could not bear the longing of his wife and died 6 months after he ran away from home, caught the thin disease, and died. Mehmet was left in the middle. Instead of taking care of their uncle, they kept their eyes on the house left by his father. Mehmet was a little boy, what did you know? It was first given to an old man as feed. Before long, he too died. He neither saw a school nor a school. He spent his childhood years staying in his uncle’s wood, and his aunt’s charcoal, and his aunt’s cottage. When he was 16-17 years old, he was in a position to hold the bread. He earned three or five cents of money by doing garden work in the field, bringing them, and giving them to whoever was in his wood. A life pushed by its relatives. All this suddenly came before Mehmet’s eyes. According to him, his mother was the only one responsible for his life. He would never forgive him.

He did not tell Beyza that his mother was calling. He didn’t want to disturb him either. He knew well that neither his mother nor the sinister man beside him would come to them any good. If it came from them, evil would come. Why did his mother call? It had been two years since she got married. Was he in his mind now? If she could, why hadn’t she called before? He had been hit by a car, had been in the hospital for days, and had not called. What happened to the woman who had not contacted her for 30 years? He was restless. There was fear, anxiety in him that he could not describe. Just like his father’s fear of his mother leaving home. He felt as if he was going to lose Beyza. What did it have to do? What did Beyza have to do with her mother? But a fear he could not understand made this connection feel to him. While thinking about all this, he was startled by the sound of the telephone ringing. “Who could it be at this hour? Sunday Sunday. “

The woman at the end of the phone was again her mother. “My God! he again. ” she regretted. He could not raise his voice. He was afraid that Beyza would hear. The woman was speaking in a trembling voice. But the real disgust was the voice of Rustem push from behind. “We will come to visit you! Welcome us, email, ”he shouted brazenly into the phone’s handset. His hands and feet were starting to tremble. He had to be calm. He should not have made Beyza realize the situation. At that moment he heard his mother’s scream. The severity of the slap that exploded on his face affected even Mehmet. He was saying, “Tell your son, we will come to visit his house on Monday, wait for us.” The woman was in pain. Mehmet’s eyes were full. One mother thought that her mother was pulling from this man. After all, it was her mother. He had made a mistake, but he paid dearly for that mistake. He knew that. He said, “I don’t let you into my house, even your corpse cannot enter this house.” The man heard that. “I’ll come, man! “I have people to talk to you,” he said. Mehmet had to hang up. Because his nerves were empty, he was in a position to lose himself. He didn’t want Beyza to notice anything. In a polite way to prevent him from provoking himself; He could say, “Okay, give me your mobile number, I’ll call you.” The man ”hah like this! Come on the road! “I love your mother, I ate your bread a lot, you don’t want her to be upset.” It was as if the world did not stop turning, Mehmet was revolving around the world. He didn’t know how he wrote the number. He said he had a job to Beyza and threw himself out hard.

They bought goods with some of what Beyza brought with him, and with the remaining money, he bought a sparrow car. With this, he was making more or less money collecting scrap. He got into the car. He did not know what to do and where to go. Everything was on him. He couldn’t breathe. What was this man’s intention? What did they want from him? Did these people, who did not call and ask until today, expected him to establish a happy home? Did they appear to spoil this? What was that man going to talk to Mehmet? How could he dare that? Was he not afraid of him at all? This man who made a brothel woman by deceiving his mother with the promise of making him an artist was not afraid of Mehmet. How did this work? He just couldn’t make sense. The distress within him grew steadily. He had to call. He dialed the number. He had to stay calm and try to find out his purpose. The man answered. “My Mehmet,” he said. But while he was saying this, his teeth were almost intertwined. The man spoke hard. “Mehmet your mother is old, she wants to see you. They have something to tell you. We will come tomorrow, ”he said. Okay said Mehmet. “I will pick you up from the bus station in my car and we will go to pick mushrooms together. you tell me what you tell there. ” He didn’t know how he turned off the phone. The man pretended that nothing had happened, as if begging Mehmet to separate his head from his body. This was not something Mehmet could ever accept, but once he was infected with Beyza. He was thinking of him in everything he would do. It was almost breaking itself. He had to be calm. He said tomorrow. He found a fountain on the way and washed his face. He wanted to spend time with his wife. He said to himself forget everything. He came to his house. As soon as he saw Beyza, he had forgotten everything.

He left the house on the pretext of going to work. It was around 09:00. He went to the bus station and started to wait. He would see his mother 30 years later. He was in a joy mixed with anger, a grudge mixed with joy, and hatred. Their feelings were mixed. He did not want to appear with these people. So he would take them from the bus station and take them to the old mine through the ring road. Nobody would see them there. They would talk about whatever they were going to talk to. He started to wait. 11:00 car entered the bus station. His eyes were on the bus door. He had forgotten neither his mother’s nor that nasty man’s face. They were like two pictures engraved in his memory. His mother must have been 47 years old. But he always remembered him as he was young. He had seen a woman descend with a timid glance from the door of the bus to avoid being seen. Yes, that was his mother. Mehmet was completely devastated. Her mother was no different from a 70-year-old woman. However, he was only 47 years old. Suddenly all his grudge shifted to the man whose hatred appeared behind him. itstem iti is you, “he thought.

What had happened to the woman? He was almost crushed under the weight of the load on him, and his pulp was removed. The man was still what he saw in the car. He was coming, waving the rosary in his hand. He recovered for a moment and told them to come, making a hand gesture. His mother had also seen her son, but he couldn’t even look in his face. Mehmet was already in the car. Both came and got into the car. Since Mehmet did not want the man to sit in front, he put a set pause on the front seat. The man had to go to the back. He didn’t want to see his face. When he saw his mother in that state, he was almost devastated. Mehmet was a compassionate child. In an instant, all his grudge was gone. However, his grudge towards the man next to him had doubled.

He turned the ignition and they moved. He turned towards the ring road. Five minutes had passed without speaking. The man’s voice was heard. “So? Won’t your mother and son satisfy longing? ” and gave a disgusting laugh. The woman was crying all the time. Mehmet’s eyes seemed to pop out. He was trying to stay calm, but it was not even sincere that he grabbed the lever in the front seat and ripped the man’s head at any moment. However, whenever he wanted to do this, Beyza came to his mind, almost holding him.

The man said, “I’ll talk.” “You don’t talk.”

“So how’s the marriage going, is your wife okay? She was a very beautiful girl. I heard. Once it was beautiful in your mother, but that beauty is gone. “

Words were exhausted in Mehmet. He almost sensed what would happen soon. Because the man’s speech was going on a path of no return. He kept talking about a good life all the way. Nice cars, nice items, but Mehmet didn’t understand any of these. The man’s puffiness and acting as if nothing had happened was conscious. He was doing this on purpose. He didn’t care what he did until today. Neither the life she lived with the woman nor the fact that she had a small child and what she suffered did not concern her at all. He was saying that right now he could no longer earn money from his mother’s back. What did that mean? After saying these, he was bringing the words to his wife Beyza. What was he trying to do? Mehmet didn’t even want to think about it. If what he was thinking was real, he had no choice but to kill this man and he would not even blink to do so. After a long journey, they came to the old mine. Mehmet pulled the car to a suitable place and they all got off together.

Mehmet and his mother did not say a word. The man walked away, saying, “Let me leave you alone for a while, mother and son get in trouble.” Mehmet was looking at his mother. There was almost no hair loss left. The wrinkles on his face resembled a building destroyed in an earthquake. Those green eyes in his eyes turned yellow as if they were sunken in. The skin on his hands was sagging and the teeth in his mouth had disappeared. However, he had teeth like pearls. It looked awful. He wanted to hold his mother to account, but life gave him more than enough punishment. “What happened to you mom?” he could say. The woman could not stand. He collapsed where he was. “I don’t have a single word to say,” he said. “Why did you call me, what do you want from me?” He asked. It was obvious that the woman was hiding something. “I don’t want anything, son. This man is pushing me. He said he would kill me if I don’t talk to you. ” “What does the woman want!” yell. “Tell me what he wants!” The woman couldn’t say that. When they met eye to eye while leaving the house, Mehmet’s destruction in his eyes could not make him live again. The man was listening to them. The woman was moaning, tell me now. But he didn’t say. The man shouted, “That’s enough, bitch! “Look at me son, you will come to our side with your wife. You have neither house nor house. He will work with us in the abdomen. I will provide a good life for all of us ”.

It happened to Mehmet that he was afraid. It was like he was hurting. The angel of death was taking his life, watching Mehmet, but he was not dying. He could not speak out of anger or even breathe. The man was still talking. His grudge against his mother flared up again. How would he confront this man with such a thought? This is how mom was. No. Motherhood was over now in her eyes. The only thing he could do was kill them both. The man said he wanted to take Beyza and make him a prostitute. It was as if Beyza had retreated from now on. He was not holding him. He couldn’t imagine it. This encouraged him. He had a shotgun that he relieved of his stress when he came to pick mushrooms in the trunk of his car. Mehmet seemed established. He had only one thought now. To destroy both. He couldn’t think of anything else. He headed for his car. He took the gun from the trunk. Meanwhile, they were advancing towards the further mine pit. Mehmet caught up behind them. As soon as he saw the gun in his mother Mehmet’s hand, he shielded himself from the man. “Don’t do it, son! Think about your wife. Get out!” she shouted to her mother. “Don’t you hear what this guy is offering me? He would take my wife! He took my life away, but this man has no regrets. ” It made him even angrier that his mother got ahead of this lewd man and took cover.

The man kept talking recklessly. They stopped in front of the mine pit. The man said, “I’ll take it. This moment is no longer worth it. Feed your wife to you… ”Now the words in Mehmet ended, the gun in his hand started to speak. There were dust and smoke all around. He pulled the crown and released it again. There was another noise. After 3-4, he fired 5 shots towards both of them. The two of them rolled together into the mine pit. Mehmet could not hear. He did not see. He could not recover for half an hour. Eventually the dust and smoke had disappeared. He crawled towards the head of the pit. When he stretched his head and looked down, he met his mother again. Neither was dead. “I never regret it!” she shouted to her mother. “I’ll get rid of both of you.” His mother was looking with pleading eyes but could not speak. His wound was heavy. 4 bullets touched him. The man’s condition was a little better, but he was seriously injured as he fell into the pit. “Please take us out. I was joking, I tried your son ”but in vain. Mehmet did not even hear them. It was just 14:00. He could hear their moans and screams. He just stood at the beginning of the pit. He sat for a full three hours. He wanted to make sure they were dead. If that man survived, he would go to jail. Even thinking about what would happen to Beyza was consuming him. Their moans stopped. Nobody could find them here. He didn’t even feel the need to throw soil on them. He was relieved. It was as if he was at peace again. He stepped on the vehicle’s ignition and headed home.

Neither of them was dead. How many days they were dying is unknown. But no one heard their voices, nor saw them. They scratched the walls of the pit with their nails, but in vain. It was not possible to get out.

Hypocritical men and hypocritical women are alike (in terms of their corrupt nature and mischief). The command (to each other and their surroundings) evil, and attempt to keep from good. They hold their hands tight (they do not spend it in the way of Allah). They have forgotten Allah, and He forgot them (by depriving him of His mercy) in (Allah). Indeed, the hypocrites are always the sinners.

Surat at-Tawba

Their lives, which they had already lived in a dirt pit, ended in a mine pit. They stayed there for 5 years. Until the police station commander, sergeant major found them. After the occurrence of the incident, the statements of many people, especially Mehmet, were used as suspects. Before long, Mehmet confessed to the incident. He admitted that he killed them both, brought the gun, and delivered it.

There was certainly a direction to the divine in this event. Nobody can deny this. It is obvious that a divine Murad was manifested when miners entered the pit with corpses among so many mine pits, Necmi overheard the event, saw the deceased woman in a dream, and God wished them to be found and the event to occur. Another interesting point is that several relatives of the deceased woman who testified during the investigation had seen the woman in their dreams. It has been said that he said, “I am forgiven, save me from here, this man.” Regardless, with the help of God, the real murders were enlightened and the Crime Case Closed.

The names, places, times, and places in this event have been changed. It does not reflect the truth.

Who is right and who is wrong, God knows his servant,

The ar vein cracks, it does not find its way easily,

Still, if mercy wishes, he forgives,

If he does not wish, an angel will block his nose like firavun

His mercy is more than his wrath

He who despairs of him is in a very bad time

If you haven’t lost hope to be saved

If there is a salvation in that prayer


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